What are Bandage Dresses?

What are Bandage Dresses?

Bandage Dresses and Bodycon

All of the information in this article relates to bandage dresses, but most of it can also be applied to bodycon dresses. We're talking about similar types of dresses, so the styling and wearing techniques are similar

Bandage and bodycon dresses are the perfect universal solution for any fashionista, whether it's for a night out, a shopping run with your girls, or even for a stylish first date.


Let's begin by looking at the history of bandage dresses. During the 1990s, Herve Leger, a now well-respected designer, introduced the dress to women around the world.

However, that's not the first time this type of dress has been seen. A women's fashion designer, Azzedine Alaia, created a collection of tightly fitted dresses in the mid-eighties. Bandage dresses were the first dresses to highlight every inch of a woman's profile.


These days, celebrities like Tina Turner and Madonna, as well as Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, frequently wear these dress types.

These two types of dresses remain as popular as ever, and are indispensable in every wardrobe.


Advantages of Bandage Dresses

When you wear a bandage dress, you can look stylish and sexy without having a flawless and perfect figure.

These sculpt one's curves in a similar way to shapewear, providing a smoothing effect wherever needed, regardless of age or body type.

Well-constructed bandage dresses smooth you out while simultaneously pulling you in, so you remain comfortable even if you wear them all day. With its flattering and seamless curves, the bandage dress emphasizes the best parts of your silhouette.

Bodycon dresses are similar in this regard, though they trace your shape more than cling to it. But, they're still almost as famous in terms of fabrics and styles.

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